blogtember | day 7: JOY!

Today I'll be sharing 5 things that bring me joy.  I won't be sharing the obvious (like my family, children, and friends) because you already know they bring me the most joy!

Sewing and Crafting 
I don't sew or make things nearly enough lately, but I do really enjoy making things when I have time.  I haven't made much since we moved, or really since Quinn was born. I have some projects in mind for Quinn's birthday coming up that I'm hoping will get me back into the groove!

Ingrid Michaelson
She just came out with a new album and I love it!

Rainy Days
It doesn't rain very often in Utah, especially in the summer, so I love it even more when it does. I love cozy rainy days where I can just stay inside and bake or watch movies with my kids.

I've been wanting some artwork of the Savior in my home, but I'm been waiting for the perfect piece before I buy anything. I went to Swiss Days in Midway and got a beautiful wooden silhouette of Christ.  Mine is painted white and looks so pretty on my grey walls. They also sell custom silhouettes, so you can get your family done. They're so amazing! Maybe one day I'll be able to get some of my whole family.

Beautiful Design
I don't know much about graphic design, but I wish I did. I love looking at beautiful blogs and other design things. I'm slowly learning how to customize my own blog, but I have a long way to go!


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