blogtember | day 5: most memorable birthday

I love birthdays! I try to celebrate my "birthday week", but Jensen doesn't usually let me get away with it. I have a summer birthday, so I've never been in school for my birthday, and growing up between the ages of 12 and 18 I had a lot of my birthdays at Girl's Camp for my church.

One of my most memorable birthdays was probably my 6th. My mom threw a huge luau themed party for Suzanne and me.  We invited a ton of our friends, and even rented out the gazebo behind our house.  We had those cheap plastic grass skirts for everyone and plastic leis. I loved all of the Hawaiian decorations. Those little paper mini umbrellas really stand out in my mind. I remember using them in any drink I had for months afterwards. We even had pin the flower on the hula girl! Suzanne and I also each got our own cake that year that we were able to help my mom decorate. I'll have to update this post with a picture when I can find one.
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Until then here's some pictures of inspiration for Quinn's birthday that's coming up. It's just a few weeks away! I don't have any specifics planned yet, but I know I want lots of flower decorations and different shades of pink.


  1. That birthday party was so much fun. We also spent the night there at the gazebo. I have pictures somewhere so I'll try to find them for you. Do you remember your fancy tea party birthday? That was another fun one. I can't wait to see Quinn's party!