About Me

Hello!  Welcome to my little blog.  I'm Vivian and my husband is Jensen.  We have a boy named Dunken, and are expecting a baby girl in September!  This blog is about our daily happenings, with some crafts and tutorials mixed in, but really almost every post focuses on Dunken.
My husband grew up in southern Alberta, and I moved a round a little, but grew up mostly in North Carolina.  A job moved him to Utah and I attended BYU.  We met seven years ago while living in the same apartment complex.  About two years later we were married in the Logan Utah temple, and have lived in Utah ever since.  We like to go camping together, and take a lot of trips off-roading.

I love crafting, sewing, hanging out with my twin sister Suzanne, shopping, kitties, competition reality tv shows, Harry Potter, and Christmas!
Hope you stick around for a while!

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Rainbow Butt

 Jensen is out of town this week, so it's just Dunken and I here.  I don't know how single moms, or moms with husbands who travel a lot, do it.  Jensen has only been gone a few days and I'm already going a little crazy.  I'm trying not to be too boring while Jensen is gone.  He's definitely the more fun parent.  I can't get Dunken to laugh quite like his dad does.

We've been trying new toys and things this week to stay occupied.  Dunken has tried chalk a handful of times before, but only a little at a time.  This week I decided to bring out the big fun sidewalk chalk.  Dunken seems to love it! (And he didn't even try to eat much!)  We're loving going outside in the evenings once it's cooled down a little and drawing in the drive way.  It's especially nice because it keeps us both entertained :).

Tibble Fork

I think Jensen and I need some cool new places to go.  It seems like whenever we go somewhat far away it's to Moab, and if we stick around home we always go up American Fork Canyon.  I do love it, but it's pretty much the only place I post about. Anyone in the Utah County area, what are your favorite places to visit?

Last week we finally got some cooler weather! It was glorious 80s all week instead of reaching over 100.  To enjoy the nice weather we went up to Tibble Fork Canyon on Jensen's day off and let Dunken play in the water a little.  He loved digging in and throwing the rocks.  I love watching him play so intently.  He's so independent at times like this too.  I think he would wander off forever playing in the rocks and water if we let him.

Happy Independence Day!

As usual, on the Fourth of July, basically the only thing I took pictures of was Dunken.  Jensen worked so I went over to Suzanne's house and we had a relaxing day just hanging out.  We swam for a bit in the backyard, had a barbecue with Jordan's family, and played outside.
When Jensen got off work he came over and ate some food then we headed to the Freedom Festival and walked around for a bit.  They had free face painting so we tortured Dunken for a few minutes and had him get his face painted.  He immediately rubbed at it and smeared most of his flag away.
Here is Dunken's firework watching face. I love it! We didn't actually sit and watch any with him after dark.  Suz lives about 40 minutes from me, so by the time it was dark plus the drive home would have meant Dunken was out way too late.  We skipped out a little early and saw a ton of shows all over the valley during our drive home.