Dunken James is 2!

(pictures from November 19, 2015)
I can't believe I've been a mom for 2 years!!! Dunken is the sweetest toddler I could ever ask for.  He loves to cuddle, especially at nap time.  Most days I lay down with him and he plays with my hair while he falls asleep.  When he lays next to me he will reach his little arm up and say, "hair, hair." He brings his Matchbox Jeep and puppy to bed with him too.  He is the best hug giver.  Sometimes he will go in circles giving me a hug, Jensen a hug, Quinn, and any toy a hug over and over. He so enthusiastic and excited about life.  He claps and says, "yaaay" if he has done something good (like throw away garbage for me) or if something exciting happens in a cartoon he is watching.
 He loves playing with cars and Jeeps the most out of all of his toys, but really with anything that has wheels. He's the cutest little dancer ever.  His dancing style changes pretty often, from hip shaking to wiggling his little bum.  Lately when he dances he stomps his feet back and forth really fast and runs in circles. 
He's still a terrible eater and mostly just wants bread, cakoos (cookies), and nacks (fruit snacks).  He does love sweet potatoes and smoothies though. He doesn't talk in sentences at all yet, but he knows a lot of words.  Going on drives with him is pretty entertaining.  Our short trips to church usually sound like, "car, car, tree, snow, truck, car, snow, jeep, car, tree," from the back seat.  He knows a lot of animal noises and gets really excited when he sees a dog or cow. He's learning his ABCs and is really good at repeating the alphabet after me.
I think I've said this about every stage so far, but this is seriously the best.  I wish my little buddy could stay 2 forever. 

Raking Leaves

Back in November, when Jensen was raking leaves one day, Dunken wanted to go outside and help.  He got his little rake out and "raked" the leaves right along with dad.  Really he just spread any pile Jensen made, but he had a ton of fun.
Yard work makes me angry too. ;)
Dunken even helped a little with the big rake. 
Look at those cheeks!

Baby Quinn

Here's some pictures I took of Quinn when she was about 1 or 2 weeks old.  It took me forever to get around to posting them (obviously), but I'm so glad I took some when she was still tiny! She's already getting so big, but also getting so so fun!
Baby sneezes are the cutest!
That face!
It took a few months for Dunken to really warm up to Quinn, but he loved her from the start.


Time is flying by since Quinn was born! We blessed our sweet girl at the beginning of November.  It was such a beautiful day! My older sister was visiting from North Carolina, so we decided to bless her while she was here.  She wore a beautiful dress my grandma bought years and years ago hoping for a great granddaughter from one of my sisters or me to wear it.  After her blessing some friends and family came over for soup and cake.
Look at that chub!!
I love my family!