First Hair Cut

 Dunken's hair wisps were a little out of control, and he was getting called a girl by strangers more often than he was called a boy, so Jensen and I decided it was time for a hair cut.
He did really well during the hair cut.  Jensen tried to hold his head still while I trimmed without accidentally nipping Dunken.  Now he looks like a cute little boy, and surprisingly less like a baby! :(
 Handsome little guy!

A few more of Dunken and Dad

Here's a few more pictures of Dunken and Jensen from our photo session up the canyon.  As we were headed to the car the light was just too pretty not to take a few more.

Dunken and Mom

Dunken is with me and only me most of his days.  I'm a little nervous he is going to be a mama's boy who cries when I'm not around when he get's a little older, but he also seems to really like new people.  At church or the store he smiles almost non stop at everyone we pass.  Even if he does turn into a shy mama's boy I'm so grateful for all the time I get to spend with him and watch his personality start to develop.  He is such a sweet little guy. 

Dunken and Dad

Dunken has a favorite in our house and it's not me.   When Jensen is around he gets all the attention, smiles, and laughs from Dunken.  It's the cutest thing in the world to watch them play together.  When Jensen gets home from work Dunken's little face lights up.  All Jensen has to do is look at him and smile to get some giggles.  I'm so excited to watch their relationship at Dunken gets older.