Family Photos

We got these photos taken way back in January and I fiiiinally picked the ones I wanted so I can post them.  Look at Dunken's extra chubby baby face! It was nearly impossible to pick favorites to share, but I think I narrowed them down pretty well :)  

We got them done by Nhiya Kaye Photography, and I just have to say she is amazing! I love her style, and if I were to get married to Jensen now I would definitely want her shooting my wedding.

First S'more

What's camping without s'mores? Usually I'm not a huge fan of them actually, they're just a little too sweet, but this time they were so good to me.  Dunken loved helping Jensen with the roasting sticks over the fire.  And even more so loved warning us of the hot fire.  All night long he would point to the flames, "hot, hot, hot."
Dunken got his first taste of a s'more too.  I think it's safe to say he liked it. ;)

Mirror Lake Camping

A few weeks ago Jensen and I went camping in the Mirror Lakes area of the Uintas. It was beautiful and the weather was perfect!  The highs were only in the 60s and it gave me a glimpse of fall coming, and I was in heaven.  As much as I loved it, this will probably be our last camping trip of the year.  Going to the bathroom in the middle of the night while camping is just not very fun ;).
We're at Washington lake here.  There was construction going on at Mirror lake, so we weren't able to actually go visit that lake.
31 week bump!
Dunken had a blast throwing rocks into the lake.  I was a little nervous a few times that he was going to nail himself in the head with a rock.
He was so determined to throw any rock of any size into the water.

Muddy Feet

Jensen and I have been going up the canyon and on little hikes as much as possible this summer.  The past week I'm really starting to feel uncomfortable with this pregnancy, so I think the hikes for me are coming to an end.  

We went off-roading up to Forest Lake a little earlier in the summer.  Dunken had a blast throwing rocks into the lake.  If we let him he would probably throw rocks into any lake or river for hours and hours.