Dunken from my phone

I kind of forgot about this little blog for the past few weeks.  There hasn't been too much going on around here lately.  Christmas went by way too fast, and for winter the weather is way too warm! As excited as I am for spring and being able to play outside with Dunken a little later in the year, I still wish it were cold and snowy right now!  Here's some pictures of Dunken from my phone around Christmas time.  The first is from Suz's house when they first moved in, Dunken helping me with the Christmas lights, Dunken waking up as happy as can be, and Dunken exploring Barnes and Noble. 

Christmas Dinner

Jensen and I were able to go to Canada this year for Christmas.  Most of his siblings came too, but had to leave before Christmas day so we celebrated with them a little early.  The first night everyone was there we had Christmas dinner!  I wanted to dress up, so I made Dunken dress up too so I wasn't the only one ;)

Dunken meets Santa

In December Jensen and I went to the Riverwoods so Dunken could meet Santa.  He did really good!  He usually loves other people, so I wasn't too worried about what his reaction would be.  After he met Santa we went to Blickenstaff's and played with the toys.  Christmas was seriously so fun with a baby!

Tree Decorating!

Christmas is over. Cue the tears.  This is my favorite time of year and always goes by way too fast.  Jensen and I were able to visit his family in Canada this year for Christmas, and then I came to Idaho to visit my mom for New Year's, but that didn't stop me from decorating my own house first.  Most of my decorations were up long before Thanksgiving :).  I do wait until December to decorate the tree, and that's when it really starts to feel like Christmas.  Dunken was fascinated by all the lights.  It's been so fun this holiday season to share all of our traditions and experiences with Dunken.