Dunken's Nursery Tour // Colorful Woodland Nursery

Today I'm finally sharing Dunken's (old) nursery tour!  We have since moved, and he has been in a big boy bed for a few months so his room looks nothing like this right now.  Before we switched him to a bed I cleaned his room extra good and got some pictures because I'm really proud of it. :)

When I first found out I was pregnant I started planning my future baby's room, and when I found out I was having a boy I immediately knew what I wanted to do in his room.  I knew I wanted his room mostly white, with pops of color, and a subtle woodland theme. I didn't have a ton of money to decorate his room so there's a lot of DIYs, second hand items, and decorating with toys. 
The crib is Graco, we bought it secondhand from KSL. Suzanne made the quilt using See Kate Sew's triangle quilt tutorial.
I made Dunken's mobile with wool felt pom poms from Hello Maypole.  The owl is from Pier One and the hedgehog is Jellycat from Amazon.  The USA print is from a small shop I found on Instagram. I can't remember their name, but I'll update this once I find it!
Suzanne made the logs and fire for Dunken's first birthday. I love them!  She also made the black moon print.  I made the "I love you to the moon and back" using vinyl and my Silhouette Cameo, and I painted the fox with watercolor paints. 
 Dunken's block wagon was a gift from his great grandma, it's Melissa and Doug.  The ring stacker and shape sorter cube are both from Amazon. I also got the letter and number basket from Amazon. The owl and fox decor are both from Target. The shelf and square storage baskets are from Ikea.
Dunken's dresser is probably my favorite thing in his room. We bought it off KSL for $30 and it was so nasty! It was covered in stickers and scribbles and scratches. Jensen and I sanded the whole thing down, painted the top and sides white, and oiled the drawers. I wish I had a before picture to show because it looks so much better now! It does need to be reoiled, and it would all be a little darker like the spot on the second drawer. :) 

The bunny on top of the dresser is a nightlight from Target. It's so cute! I don't see the same one on their sight anymore, but here's a similar one from Pillowfort. My super talented friend made the art above the dresser with all the little animals. They're made of felt and are attached with velcro so I can take them off for Dunken to play with. They're too cute, so I can't bring myself to do it in case one gets ruined. The curtains are also from Target.

Family Photos

Suz took some pictures of our family about a year ago when I was pregnant with Quinn, and I thought I lost them! I found them on my laptop earlier this week so I finally got to edit and post some! Dunken was so cute. This was when he first learned to smile for the camera, so some of these he's cheesing pretty good. :) Man I miss that baby face! He looks so much more grown up now, and Quinn was just a little belly bump. This is the last time we've gotten family pictures. I think it's time for some more!

My little sunshine

Quinn spent a lot of her first six months of life crying crying crying. As she has gotten older she's gotten better and better, and now that she's somewhat mobile it helps even more. At church, and other places when there's lots of people around she is usually really happy and smiles at everyone. Her little smiling face when she sees me is like a ray of sunshine. She still gets fussy sometimes when she wants to be held because she is very much a mama's girl, but when she's in a good mood she's all smiles.
Look at that sweet face!

Dunken James is 2!

(pictures from November 19, 2015)
I can't believe I've been a mom for 2 years!!! Dunken is the sweetest toddler I could ever ask for.  He loves to cuddle, especially at nap time.  Most days I lay down with him and he plays with my hair while he falls asleep.  When he lays next to me he will reach his little arm up and say, "hair, hair." He brings his Matchbox Jeep and puppy to bed with him too.  He is the best hug giver.  Sometimes he will go in circles giving me a hug, Jensen a hug, Quinn, and any toy a hug over and over. He so enthusiastic and excited about life.  He claps and says, "yaaay" if he has done something good (like throw away garbage for me) or if something exciting happens in a cartoon he is watching.
 He loves playing with cars and Jeeps the most out of all of his toys, but really with anything that has wheels. He's the cutest little dancer ever.  His dancing style changes pretty often, from hip shaking to wiggling his little bum.  Lately when he dances he stomps his feet back and forth really fast and runs in circles. 
He's still a terrible eater and mostly just wants bread, cakoos (cookies), and nacks (fruit snacks).  He does love sweet potatoes and smoothies though. He doesn't talk in sentences at all yet, but he knows a lot of words.  Going on drives with him is pretty entertaining.  Our short trips to church usually sound like, "car, car, tree, snow, truck, car, snow, jeep, car, tree," from the back seat.  He knows a lot of animal noises and gets really excited when he sees a dog or cow. He's learning his ABCs and is really good at repeating the alphabet after me.
I think I've said this about every stage so far, but this is seriously the best.  I wish my little buddy could stay 2 forever.