blogtember | Day 2: September Goals

The prompt for day 2 of Blogtember is my current goals.

Here's some home inspiration from my Pinterest board! 123

My number one goal this month is painting and doing other little projects for our house. We painted the basement walls, but the ceiling is still black, so that's first on the list! I also want to paint our kitchen cupboards. Fingers crossed we will be able to at least get started this month!

Another goal I'm working on is to be healthier! I've been going to the gym, but I don't make it very often because most of the time after Jensen is home I just want to relax. I also need to eat healthier. I've been so bad lately! 

Take more (nice) photos! I've been super lazy with my camera lately, and almost all of my recent photos are from my phone. There's nothing wrong with phone photos, but I have a nice camera so I want to get more use out of it!

Another goal I have right now is to s tart a YouTube channel. I love watching Youtube and I really want to get my own channel started. I need to make a plan and get to work. It's surprisingly hard to find quiet time to film with two little ones in the house! I should probably start going to bed earlier so when they're napping I don't want to nap too. :)

Plan Quinn's first birthday party! I can't believe she'll be a year in just 3 weeks. She is still such a tiny baby to me, I think I'm a little bit in denial. I have a few ideas for her party, but it's time to start actually doing things to get ready!


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