blogtember | day 3: summer favorites

Summer is almost over! And unlike most people, I'm super excited. Fall and winter (especially the holidays) are my absolute favorite! Here's some of my favorites from this summer!
1 - We moved! The actual packing and moving and trying to find a house to buy was pretty much the worst, but I'm so excited to be in our new house and where we live now! We live much closer to my sister, to most places where Jensen is working, and to stores and other conveniences. 
2 and 3 - I've loved hanging out in our new yard with Jensen and Dunken and Quinn, especially in the evenings when Jensen is home from work. 
4 and 5 - We live just a mile or so from a little reservoir and have gone a few different times this summer.  It's been a lot of fun spending time there!
6 - Swimming! My favorite part about summer is going swimming. I never seem to go enough (this summer included), but I love when we do go. 
7 - We've been on a few small hikes this summer and although I pretty much hate excercising it's really nice to be up in the mountains surrounded by trees and wildflowers. 
8 - Canada! This is the only trip I've been on this summer and it was a lot of fun! I'll post more about that later. 
9 - Camping! Besides swimming this is my favorite part about summer. I'm sad camping season is almost already over. We only went twice this summer, so I want to get at least one more trip in before the weather cools down too much. 


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