Trial Lake

Since we had such a quick camping trip we tried to make the most out of our short stay.  Dunken and Quinn both fell asleep in their carriers during the hike back to our car from Wall Lake. When we got back to camp we had lunch then we went over to the lake right beside our camp site and just hung out for a little while and let Quinn and Dunken play.  
Sitting in the grass was such a nice change from all the rocks.  I didn't have to worry about Quinn choking on a rock, and eating clover flowers seemed much less dangerous. :) Of course Dunken had to join in too.
The night before when we were eating s'mores Dunken learned "ta da!" from Jensen, so here below is a picture of him in action.


  1. I want to go camping with you so bad!! Thanks for sharing these memories with all of us!

  2. Oh my gosh!!! Dunken's Ta'da pose is killing me!!! So stinking cute!