Happy Independence Day!

As usual, on the Fourth of July, basically the only thing I took pictures of was Dunken.  Jensen worked so I went over to Suzanne's house and we had a relaxing day just hanging out.  We swam for a bit in the backyard, had a barbecue with Jordan's family, and played outside.
When Jensen got off work he came over and ate some food then we headed to the Freedom Festival and walked around for a bit.  They had free face painting so we tortured Dunken for a few minutes and had him get his face painted.  He immediately rubbed at it and smeared most of his flag away.
Here is Dunken's firework watching face. I love it! We didn't actually sit and watch any with him after dark.  Suz lives about 40 minutes from me, so by the time it was dark plus the drive home would have meant Dunken was out way too late.  We skipped out a little early and saw a ton of shows all over the valley during our drive home.


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