Second Trimester Pregnancy Essentials

I'm 28 weeks pregnant as of yesterday! This pregnancy is flying by! I can't believe I'm already in my third trimester.  Here are some of my second trimester pregnancy essentials.  A lot of them are the same as my first trimester essentials (like a water bottle and dry shampoo), but here's a few more!
Good fitting maternity jeans (or shorts if you'll be pregnant during the summer like I am this time around): When I was pregnant with Dunken I felt like I tried on a ton of maternity jeans that fit terrible.  Most were way too big in the crotch area, had thighs that were too wide, or gave me an even flatter butt than I already have.  I found my favorite pair at H&M, and I have a pair of denim shorts from there for this pregnancy that I practically live in.  If you're not familiar with H&M sizing, or if you're ordering online I recommend sizing up!  My jeans from H&M are 2 sizes larger than I wear at most stores, and I have a pair of maternity jeggings from H&M that are 3 sizes larger.

Belly butter:  I'll admit, I've been pretty terrible at putting this on this pregnancy, but when I do use it I definitely feel a difference in how my tummy skin feels.  I tried several brands with Dunken and my favorite, and the only one I repurchased for this pregnancy, is Burt's Bees belly butter.  It doesn't have a strong smell and it's not at all greasy. I love it.

Humidifier: When I'm pregnant I seem to have a runny or stuffy nose constantly.  I can't remember quite when it starts, but once it does it seems to stick around forever.  A humidifier in my bedroom seems to help a little with my stuffy nose.  I have this one from Amazon, it's a great price and not too ugly either. 

A go to dress or top: I have this dress from Target and I wear it constantly.  My closet is full of stripes, and since there's no chance of hiding this belly, why not accentuate it with horizonal stripes ;)  This dress is super comfortable, and nice enough to wear to church, or dress down with sandals for every day wear.

Lip balm and lotion: My skin does weird things when I'm pregnant.  It seems to be extra dry everywhere. To help I try to always have lip balm with me and put lotion on every day.  I love eos sweet mint lip balm and I swear by Aveeno's daily moisturizing lotion.

What would you add to the list? Share below!


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