Cameron Lake Paddle Boating

While we were in Canada we went up to Cameron Lake and went paddle boating.  I've only ever been paddle boating once.  It was on my uncle's small pond when I was about 10 years old.  Our paddle boating on Cameron lake was not at all like I remember.  It was so hard!  We got an hours worth and after about 10 minutes I think we were all tired and wanted it to be over.  I've never heard a group of adults complain so much! haha
Happy Desiree and Daley. (Before we realized how un-fun paddle boating really is)
I felt bad for Dena and Andrew. They had to paddle their boat with just two adults. 
Not so happy anymore.
I found a mini iceberg on the lake! It was sticking out of the water only about an inch on three different spots.  We paddled by so I could pull it out and it was huge and made of such pretty clear ice!
Even though paddle boating was not so fun and all we did was complain about our tired legs I'm still glad we went. The lake was beautiful! I think if we go back again we'll try canoes next time. :)


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