I had my 26th birthday while we were in Canada so I made everyone celebrate with me. :)  It's not often we are around this much family and I thought it would be fun to have a party.  We had a little cat themed birthday party.  I made cat decorations on sticks and Jensen's mom made everyone cat ear headbands.  
Everyone who had cat shirts (and socks!) wore them for the party. :)
Cougars count as cats right?
Ari liked the cats about as much as Jensen, so he decided to burn some.  Grumpy cat was his first victim. 
Clarice couldn't remember if I was turning 25 or 26 and she guessed wrong, so we decided the party was to celebrate my last hours of being 25.
We had a barbecue, ate delicious cake, and then had a 90s dance party.  Savage Garden and Ace of Base are the best bands to ever exist aren't they? ;)