The Fourth

Jensen was off work on the 4th of July for the first time since we've been married.  Usually for the Fourth we go to Provo and hang out with Suzanne and Jordan, ride bikes, and go to the Freedom Festival, but since they weren't here this Fourth and Dunken can't ride a bike we went up to Willard and Logan to spend the day with family. 
First we met Cami and Helen at the park. 
Cami's son Jensen is five months older than Dunken.  Jensen tried to give Dunken kisses, but Dunken wasn't liking it too much :).
After the park we went back to Helen's for a barbecue and then up to Logan.  Every Fourth of July weekend in Logan there is a car show.  Jensen and I have been a few times together before.  I'm not a fan, but Jensen loves cars so of course we had to go.
It was so so hot outside.  We were all sweating like crazy so I gave Dunken his first taste of cold water.  He looked surprised every time some got into his mouth, but I think he liked it.
Our main reason for driving up to Logan was to visit Jensen's aunt Loye.  She wasn't home when we checked so we went to a park to relax for a little while.  It was beautiful and we had it all to ourselves!
I napped on the way from willard to Logan and Jensen was really tired too so he napped at the park :).
I'm pretty sure this is the cutest picture of Dunken ever taken. I love that you can even see the drool on his lip.
After the park we went to eat dinner and check at Aunt Loye's house again.  This time she was home! We visited for a while and then headed back to Willard to watch the fireworks show with Aunt Helen, Cami, Zane, Stuart, and MJ.


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