After paddle boating on Cameron Lake we went down to the town of Waterton to eat lunch and relax a little. 
A family that wear's matching shirts stays together ;) and is super nerdy.  I made Jensen his jeep shirt for Father's day and made one for Dunken and I to match too.
He was not very happy, but that face is so cute!
Jensen wanted to dip Dunken's toes in the chilly water. 
I think I have the cutest nieces ever.  I'm pretty sure every aunt says that, but really I do.  Alyssa was throwing rocks into the water.  This one was a little too big to make it.
Dandelion picking.  I remember when I first learned dandelions were weeds I was so confused about how such a pretty flower could be a weed. :)
It's not a trip to Waterton without stopping at Big Scoop.  After we ate lunch and played by the water a little we headed downtown or ice cream. 
Every year when we go to Canada I want to see a moose and a bear.  No moose this year, but we saw a mama bear and three babies! They were so small and cute!
 Here's the view of Waterton as we were leaving.  It sure is a pretty place!


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