Getting ready for baby

I reached 35 weeks this week!  I can't believe I'm already so close to the end of this pregnancy.  I have finally started to get baby's room together so if he does make an early appearance he will now have somewhere to sleep :)

I had my last ultra sound on Monday.  Baby boy is measuring about 10 days big.  I sure hope that means his arrival will be 10 days early, and not a giant baby!  Everything looks good right now. His head is already down so that is nice to know.

As usual my back has been killing me.  I told Suz to start doing sit ups/push ups/whatever exercises strengthen back muscles now so when she wants' a baby her back will be stronger, because apparently I have no back muscles to speak of.  I have also just barely started waking up in the night to use the bathroom and because I'm uncomfortable.  I'm so grateful that I've lasted until now sleeping through the night. I know a lot of women wake up a ton in the night even early in their pregnancy.  I'm also still finding it next to impossible to fall asleep at night.  I think my body is just preparing me for sleepless nights once the baby comes.

Besides my back and always feeling tired I feel really good.  We're just getting ready for this little baby to arrive, even though my due date is still over a month away.



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