2013 Year in Review

2013 has been one of my best years yet.  Every year I have together with Jensen seems to get better and better and I hope this trend continues.  Some people have a "honeymoon" first year of marriage, that was definitely not the case with Jensen and I.  So far that was our hardest year of marriage and I look forward to every new year I get to spend with him.  At the end of 2012 I got a new job, we moved out to Eagle Mountain, and have enjoyed all of 2013 in our beautiful new home.  I've been growing a baby about half of 2013 and am so excited to meet our little boy in just about a month! Here's a little wrap up of 2013!

We did some skiing in the beginning of 2013.
We took a trip to Denver.

Had a few picnics when the weather was nice.

Celebrated 3 years of marriage!
Spent time in Salt Lake with Daley and Desiree when they came to visit.

Went skeet shooting.

I got braces!

And we went on lots of drives up the canyon.

I grew a little baby bump!!!

And watched Jensen in lots of mountain bike races.

We found out baby bean is a baby boy :)

And went on even more drives up the canyon.

Went camping up to mirror lake for Jensen's birthday.
I went to Idaho for Thanksgiving

and we stayed home for Christmas.

We ended the year with a trip to Canada to see Morly, Jensen's brother, get married!