Family Photos

Here's the very last post from this summer! While we were in Canada I took some family photos by the Cardston temple. 
The family!  Except Dean, Andrew and their girls.  They moved to North Carolina in July so they made a trip up to Canada before their move and weren't able to come up when we were there.
The brothers
Sister in laws and Maeve
Jensen and me (and tiny baby bean!)
Daley and Desiree
Brynley, Ari, and Maeve
Mom and Dad
Morley and Kiera.  They were just dating during our trip, but are engaged now! I'm so excited to go up to Canada after Christmas for their wedding.
Maeve was making the cutest faces, so they get a lot of photos :)


  1. So totally random, I wen to Youth Conference every year with Keira. We never really knew each other, but still so weird how their always some sort of random connection with people ;) Beautiful pictures!

  2. Nice pictures Viv. good looking family