Pregnancy Update

October 27th (25 weeks)
One thing no one tells you about getting pregnant is that not only will your stomach grow, your back will get fat too.  I think I noticed big love handles before my stomach really even started showing.  Now that I have a nice sized stomach I have a nice squishy lower back to go along with it.  So any of you ladies who haven't had a baby do not be alarmed when your back gets fat too, I'm pretty sure that's normal.

Another exciting update is I've finally caught up on my weight loss I had early in my pregnancy, and passed my pre-pregnancy weight! I've gained about 7 pounds total so far.

I've had a lot of people ask me if I have had any cravings.  No strong cravings really come to mind.  I do have a lot more food aversions though.  I'm pickier, but not nearly as bad as when I was feeling sick.  The texture of really soft bread grosses me out, even soft white tortillas are nasty to me.  I have also been drinking a lot of milk and can't get enough.  Chocolate milk is my favorite before bed snack.  And I'm really glad it's finally hot chocolate season so I can start drinking tons of that too. Yum!

I can feel my baby boy constantly now.  Sometimes he is moving around and kicking so much it makes me feel a little queasy, but I love to feel him.  Occasionally he kicks my bladder and that is not a pleasant feeling at all.  He seems to be sitting really low in my belly.  Sometimes when I lay down if I have an empty stomach my stomach still looks flat, and then there's a tiny baby ball right at the bottom.  It looks pretty strange.


  1. I love reading this blog. Your son will be lucky when he's old enough to read all of these.
    I love you