101 in 1001

My friend Jennie posted about this on her blog, and I loved it.  I think Design Darling originally came up with this idea, completing 101 goals in 1001 days.   I love making lists and setting goals, even though I'm horrible at keeping new years resolutions.  I thought this idea was great because most of these are goals I can check off and won't just quite after a few weeks.  I also like that some of these goals are more simple and things I've been wanting to do or learn, and others will take a lot more time and effort.  Can I also say that coming up with 101 things for me took a really long timeSo here is my list...

Start date: October 30, 2013
End date: July 27, 2016

my body
1- dye or cut my hair in a totally different style or color than I've ever had
2- don't eat out for a month
3- run a mile without feeling like I want to die
4- run a 5k
5- eat vegetarian for one week
6- wean myself from hitting the snooze button

7- have a baby!
8- do a weekly photo of my baby for the first year in the same location and similar outfit
9- go on a family camping trip
10- bring names to the temple from my own family
11- go back 3 generations in family history on my dad's side (moms has been done)
12- take yearly family photos

13- listen to all of the conference talks from the most recent conference on Sunday mornings while I am getting ready for church, before the next conference comes.
14- read scriptures every day for 1 year
15 -read the entire book of Mormon, Doctrine and Covenants, and Pearl of Great price- and make notes while I read for my future children. 
16- read the new testament

things to make
17- sew a dress from a pattern
18- sew a quilt
19- finish my aspen tree painting
20- crochet a blanket
21- have a handmade only Christmas
22- make homemade pickles
23- make homemade jam
24- make soft pretzles from scratch
25- paint my Russian nesting dolls
26- finish wedding photo book
27- start craft club
28- make photo recipe book
29- make 5 kinds of bread from scratch (not sweet breads)
30- get accepted to at least one craft fair
31- make a soufflet
32- send out christmas cards!
33- successfully sew an invisible zipper

my home
34- grow a garden including tomatoes and peppers, and don't let it die!
35- plant a tree
36- paint my entry room at my house
37- try 1 new recipe a month for a year
38- curtain all the windows in my house

homemaking/ organizing
39- donate at least 3 garbage bags full to DI
40- get rid of all my clothes and shoes that haven't been worn in a year or more
41- use all my lotions and body sprays before buying any more
42- keep the kitchen clean every day for one month
43- organize old (printed) photos
44- organzie my itunes and iphoto
45- make my bed every day for 1 month
46- get at least 3 months of food storage
47- make 72 hour kits

to watch, read, learn, write
48- take a graphic design class
49- read a book a month (on average at least 12 a year)
50- go without tv for a month
51- get crp certified
52- learn to cross stitch
53- read every Jane Austin novel
54- watch 5 Audrey Hepburn films
55- learn to use photoshop better
56- learn to change a flat tire
57- subscribe to a magazine
58- start and keep a one line a day journal
59- snail mail a letter or card to 10 family members and friends
60- help Jensen create a jeeping webiste
61- learn to watercolor paint
62- learn ink lettering

places to go
63- Oregon
64- the Redwood forest
65- British Columbia
66- North Carolina with Jensen
67- all the temples in Salt Lake and Utah County (so far Provo, Mount Timpanogus, Salt Lake)
68- Yellowstone National Park
69- Sea World

70- create a specific budget
71- live by budget for 3 months
72- try couponing for at least one month
73- make a meal plan and stick to it for 3 months
74- no "fun" shopping for 1 month (clothes, shoes, crafty things, decorations etc...)
75- put $10 into savings for every goal accomplished

to do
76- learn to do a jump on my snowboard
77- go fishing (in our canoe) and catch a fish!
78- go to a movie by myself
79- have a dance party sleepover with Suz
80- meet an internet friend in person
81- mail someone a surprise package
82- go skiing
83- go outdoor ice skating
84- hike Mount Timp
85- go to a musical
86- plan a staycation
87- watch the long Pride and Prejudice, Gone with the Wind, the Sound of Music, and Little Women
88- host a Christmas party
89- learn to drive a stick shift

my blog
90- reopen my etsy shop
91- post 5 times a week for 3 months
92- make my blog a .com
93- find 10 new small blogs to follow
94- create a blog book for each year of my blog from the beginning
95- get 100 blog followers
96- do a complete blog redesign

to buy
97- buy a good pair of dark skinny jeans
98- buy black boots
99- save up for a new computer
100- buy an antique piece of furniture
101- buy a buffet (preferrable mid century style)


  1. So I decided to do #41 with my lotion, perfume, body wash, shampoo, conditioner, face wash, hair products, and makeup. I haven't bought any of that stuff for literally 1.5 years (or more!) and am still nowhere near finishing my supply. I am a hoarder of these things.

  2. I volunteer myself to get any hand me downs you don't want!

  3. This is an awesome idea! I hear ya on the invisible zipper though. I have never done it successfully either.

  4. How is this the first time I've read this post!! Ahh! I'll add a link to the bottom of my 101 in 1,001 page so people can see yours. :)