Chocolate and Flowers

My cat is addicted to chocolate and flowers. Jensen says she's a true girl. She has been known to climb on the kitchen counter and chew through plastic wrappers to eat chocolatey things found inside. You'd think that'd I would learn not to leave anything on the counters, but it's not always easy to remember.

Some things she has eaten include:
-half a chocolate Costco muffin, that was still wrapped (she only took a bite out of the blueberry muffins)
-a brownie I brought home for Jensen that was on the counter wrapped in saran wrap, I thought I lost it, but later found it chewed to bits behind the couch
-a Hershey kiss- these were sitting on a bowl on the coffee table, I came home to find an empty wrapper with some chocolate crumbs on the floor

I got some flowers in the mail a few weeks ago and she is constantly climbing on the table to eat the leaves. Jensen also got me a rose for V-day that she keeps trying to eat.
I'm surprised Pigeon hasn't killed herself yet with all this stuff, but she finally did get sick today from everything. I hope she learned her lesson.

a side note-- I just googled "can cats eat chocolate" and according to, even in relatively small amounts chocolate is poison to cats and dogs. I also found a question and answer on Yahoo Answers. In response to the question "can cats eat chocolate" someone posted "No, my Siamese ate a Hershey bar and was dead in a day".

My cat is magical.


  1. Our dog used to eat everything too. The only thing he wouldn't eat was an onion (we found out later that onions are poisonous to dogs). He got very sick one time and it cost us lots of $$$ to get him feeling better. I hope Pigeon isn't THAT sick!

    Oh, and I wouldn't be so quick to blame your cat for all those chewed up chocolate items around your house. Remember, I've lived with Jensen too...if you didn't SEE your cat doing it, you don't actually know she's the one that did! ;)

  2. I sure hope nothing happens to Pigeon for eating all the choc and sweets. My kitty loves ice cream and cheese.