Valentine Love!

This and Jensen and my third Valentine's day together and our first one married! I looove Valentines day and making decorations with lots of red and pink and sparkly things. For V-day I wanted to make super yummy steak dinner for Jensen with dessert and everything but I had a test to take last night and had been studying all day so when I came home I was super tired. I beat Jensen home by a few minutes and he came home with a rose and some chocolate turtles! Jensen said he didn't want to get anything for V-day so that was a nice surprise. He was really hungry and since I was so tired we decided to go out for dinner and save me making delicious food for another night.

And Jensen said he wanted to go shopping! which I love and he hates so that was also very nice. I told him that I've been wanting a watch so we went to get me one!

I made Jensen a big heart that said I love you because... and a bunch of little hearts cut out that had reasons why I love him written on the back.

My love watch! Jensen picked it out himself :)

Dinner!!! Yum. Except I did find a hair, not yum. I just pretended it was mine so I wouldn't be too grossed out. Who knows, maybe it was mine.
Jensen loves his chocolate cake.

Happy V-Day hubby. Love you!!!!


  1. Looks like a lovely Valentine's Day to me! I love all your decorations. They are so cute!

  2. I am glad that you had a good Valentines Day. The pictures and the decorations are really cute.

  3. I love the things you did for him! You are such a sweet wife!