The cutest kid

I don't know how it's possible, but Dunken gets cuter and cuter every day.  Here's some of my favorite phone pictures I've taken of him lately.  

He loves bath time more than any other part of the day, he loves Pigeon and attacking her, chasing her, climbing on top of her.  Sadly this is a one sided relationship.  He's also been much better at naps lately! The majority of his naps were about 30 minutes each. Sometimes less sometimes more, but lately he naps a full hour and a half! Of course he naps better when he's joined by mom or dad. :)  (I hope i didn't jinx myself by writing that!)  He's definitely a cuddler.  Most days he's not completely content unless he's on my lap or I'm holding him.  As annoying as it can be, I sure love my time with Dunken and know this won't last forever.


  1. It's the best when they start taking longer naps!

  2. I am so smitten by your little guy!! Such a cutie!