Yellowstone Part 2

Jensen and I were heading to Canada our second day at Yellowstone, so we didn't look at too much before we headed north.  First we had pancakes for breakfast in my mom and Rick's camper then we went to some mud pots.  It had been raining (and snowing!) right before we came so they were all pretty wet.  I was hoping to see bubbling mud pots like in the Land Before Time, but most were too full of water.
These were especially stinky! Jensen is gross and said his favorite part about Yellowstone was that he could fart and no one would know. 
It's not a trip to Yellowstone without pictures of buffalo!
We left from the north side of Yellowstone.  This part is much greener and doesn't have a lot of geothermic activity.  It also has a lot more animals! We saw a grizzly bear, a black bear, and more buffalo.  Some of them were really close to the car too!  


  1. i've never been to yellowstone, but it looks beautiful and like lots of fun!

  2. What a fun trip! Looks like you guys had so much fun :) I love Dunken!! I can't wait to meet the little cutie!