5 Months

Dunken has rolled over just once from his tummy to his back.  I think it's because he doesn't like tummy time and just wants to lay on his back.  He still wakes up several times most nights, but on a good night sleeps from around 9 to 4 before he starts waking up a lot.  He laughs a lot more now.  He loves his mama and daddy and really recognizes us.  If Jensen is holding him while I'm in the kitchen he will watch me and follow me around.  He has finally discovered his toes and likes to hold them quite often.  One really nice thing about him getting older is that he wakes up happy now instead of crying in his crib when he wakes up.  When I get him from his crib when he is awake I'm usually greeted by a gummy smile.  He is getting cuter and cuter every day, I almost can't stand it!


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