Dunken and Dad

Besides cuddling my sweet sleeping baby so far my favorite thing about being a mom is to see how much Jensen loves Dunken.  I've always known he loves babies, but I could have never imagined how he would act towards one of our own.  He loves our boy so much and it is the sweetest thing to see the way he looks at Dunken.  He holds Dunken pretty much every chance he gets and gives him non stop kisses.  I wanted to have a baby much sooner than Jensen.  I think even now Jensen isn't quite sure he's ready to have one, but I know now that Dunken is here he wouldn't have it any other way.  The other day while holding Dunken he said to me, "if all our babies are going to be this cute let's have a million."


  1. A million may be a few too many. I do love our little Dunken. And I love you!