Basketball Belly

 29 weeks
 30 weeks
 32 weeks
33 weeks
I haven't posted a pregnancy post in a while, but there doesn't seem to be too much new going on as far as my pregnancy goes.  I only have about 7 weeks left now, which seems crazy!  The time from Halloween to now has flown by, and I hope after Christmas until the baby comes goes by fast too.  I cannot wait to meet my baby boy.

Since my last post my bad symptoms are pretty much the same.  My back hurts pretty often now and most nights I have trouble falling asleep, and occasionally have heart burn.  Besides that I really do feel great!  I've still been loving milk and drinking a lot of it, and lately have had cinnamon toast crunch almost every day.

I'm around 15 pounds total gained so far.  I haven't noticed any weight gain besides in my stomach from baby and my extra fluffy love handles :).  I feel like my thighs may have gotten a little bigger too, but I might just be imagining that.  My stomach really does look like a basketball when it's not covered in clothes.


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