Belly belly belly

September 29 (21 weeks)
October 6 (22 weeks)
 October 20 (24 weeks)
You guys, this belly of mine is growing!  It seems so big to me, and my baby still only weighs about a pound, so I'm a little afraid of how big I will get before baby comes.  The past two weeks or so my belly has really seemed to pop.  Pretty much every time Jensen sees me he comments on it now.  I actually look pregnant instead of just like I ate a large meal.
I have been feeling really good lately.  Always tired, but that's nothing new.  I have experienced a new pregnancy symptom a few times now that I didn't even know existed: Charlie Horses in the middle of the night!  This is not fun at all.  Besides nausea and throwing up, this has to be my least favorite thing I've experienced, but at least it doesn't last very long when it does happen.  It just hurts so bad!  To prevent them I've been trying to be better at drinking more water and walking around more, since I sit all day at work.  Also taking nightly baths, those can't be bad. :)


  1. I love the pictures! You are such a stylish little pregnant lady!! I love you!!

  2. girl, you are so cute, nothing but bump! You are over the halfway mark too, yay!

  3. You are darling! This is such a fun stage of the pregnancy because people can tell you are pregnant and you still feel good. You seriously look so awesome!!