Feeling a little more pregnant

Sorry for the millions of pregnancy posts I will have the next week or so, I just want to catch up so I can start posting as things happen.
You can't tell yet. but there's a baby in there! (8 weeks)

(written July 7th)
A few days after I found out I was pregnant I took another test.  Besides feeling sick I don't feel pregnant at all, so it's hard to believe.  That one was positive too :).  A week after that I took one more. You know, just in case.

I think as soon as I saw that positive pregnancy test my body decided it was time to be sick.  The day after Father's day was the first time I felt sick.  For the past three weeks I have been extremely nauseous every day, and pretty much all foods gross me out.  I've been a little more ok with plain bland foods like potatoes and grilled cheese. I got some anti-nausea medicine from my doctor. I try to take it as soon as I wake up before the nausea really hits and it seems to be helping a ton.  Usually after I eat lunch I feel pretty good, but overall still tired and not awesome. The only down side to taking my medicine that early is when that decides to come up too.  I even had to tell my boss at work pretty early on because of my constant bathroom breaks.


  1. I'm so happy for you! You're going to be an awesome mom!