Baby Bean In July

I'm trying to catch up on all my baby journal posts, because tomorrow we find out our baby's gender! Eep! And I don't want to post about that weeks from now :)  So here's all my entries from July.

July 21st (11 weeks)

(written July 12)
I'm about 9.5 weeks along now.  I have a little bit of a pudge, especially at the end of the day.  I'm pretty sure 70% of it is just bloating, and not baby.  I have still been feeling pretty sick but I thiiiink it's getting better.  I feel slightly less nauseous throughout the day, but have still been throwing up on occasion.

I'm trying to convince Jensen to let me tell our family at 10 weeks and not wait all the way until 12.  I already told on girl at work because it was just to hard to keep inside and I was too excited.  I made a photo book for my Dad and Lisa to share the news, and we are making a little movie for Jensen's family.  The rest of my family I will just call :)

(written July 31)
July 30th was our second doctor's appoitnment.  I got to hear my baby's heart beat!  At that appointment I was past 12 weeks, so my chances of miscarriage are less than 2% now.  That is such a relief to know.  I worry about every little ache and pain so having that knowledge helps me stay much more calm.


  1. congrats cute girl. i love reading these little updates.