3 years

Happy 3rd anniversary to the best husband I could ask for!  I remember when we first got married and some of our friends had been married for three years and that sounded like so long!  Well we made it to three and it really isn't so long after all.  It sure has been a great three years and each year married to you seems to get better and better.
Dear Husband,
I sure do love you. 
I love you for being a worthy priesthood holder. 
I love you for scratching my back at church.
I love you for always taking out the trash.
I love you for always picking up after yourself, especially since I'm not so good at that :)
I love you for crying during movies like Brother Bear.
I love that you still like Ace of Base and dance with me in the car.
I love you for going slow down ski hills and bike trails with me so I'm not left behind. 
I love you for hugging me from behind while I'm cooking. 
I love you for being so cute when you sleep so I can take pictures of you ;)
I love you for not thinking I'm silly when I cry about everything.
I love you for liking all dinners I cook for you, even the gross ones.
I love you for all of those reasons and many more.  Here's to three years!
Love Viv