Picnic in the Park

Sunday we finally had some nice sunny weather!  So we packed ourselves a lunch and ate in the park.  It was so nice to have the soft green grass between our toes and warm sun on our faces.  I love picnic season almost as much as leaves changing season, and it looks like it might finally be here to stay in Utah.   Except today and tomorrow.  It got a little chilly again! 
We had our picnic at Bicentennial Park in Provo.  They have a ton of open grassy space, a giant gnarly tree, and walking paths with wooden bridges over slightly overgrown marshy areas.  I think it's one of my favorite parks in Provo.
Swimming around in the murky pond was a muskrat.  He was pretty cute! All the little kids at the park kept calling it an otter or a beaver.  


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