Denver Part 2

After visiting the Big Blue Bear we went back to our hotel to nap for a bit then to the aquarium.  That ended up being way to expensive so we went to the Denver Museum of Nature and Science instead.
We started in the museum in the outer space section and ended up spending way too much time there.  They had a lot of cool things, but because we were there so long we had to rush through the rest of the museum.
Dinosaur fossils! They also had woolly mammoths and other ice-age animal fossils.
Jensen and his favorite dinosaur, Spike! Also know as the stegosaurus. 
They had rooms and rooms of stuffed animals from all over the word.  Have you ever seen a video of a fox jumping into the snow? It's so cute! 
When we were done looking around the museum we went back to the hotel to get ready for the Verizon party that night. They had really good dinner and then dancing, a casino night, and dueling pianos.  I thought it was pretty fun, but Jensen was a little disappointed.  In past years at this party they have given away tons of prizes, and everyone who goes to the event also gets a gift basked, but this year only 3 people out of over 200 there got a prize.  
On Saturday morning we woke up to snowy Denver.  It was supposed to snow 7 to 18 inches so I thought we might get snowed in, but they only ended up getting a few inches. On Saturday we went shopping, to a movie and lunch and then flew home.


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