Bring on 2013

I have a love hate relationship with new years resolutions.  I like setting them to give myself something to strive toward, but I always break them, so I thought I would set a different kind of resolutions this year.  Ones that I can constantly work on, even if I mess up on them.  Not work out 5 days a week, read my scriptures everyday etc... because eventually I will miss a day, then two or three and then I'll forget about my resolution all together.  

This year I want to
watch less tv, craft more, paint more, learn more
worry less, be more daring
want less, spend less, enjoy more
complain less, love more

A few other goals I have for myself this year are to sew a quilt, sew a dress (a fancy one using a pattern), host a themed party, and to run a 5K.

What are your resolutions?


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