Tide Pooling!

I grew up in Kodiak Alaska, and every year in elementary school we would take a field trip to Jewel Beach and go tide pooling.  We would spend hours looking at the tide pools with their own isolated sea cities.  We would crack open muscles on the rocks and feed sea anemones, see hundreds of star fish, sea urchins, and octopuses, and collect "jewels" (sea glass) from the beach.  Even though it was almost guaranteed you would slip and scrape you knee on barnacle covered rocks, trips to Jewel Beach are some of my favorite memories of living in Kodiak.

I haven't been tide pooling since I lived In Kodiak so I was so excited to go during our vacation.  I spent quite a bit of time before we went researching the best place to go and picking the best day for Jensen and I to visit them during low tide.  We went to Point Loma near Cabrillo National Monument.  You can imagine my disappointment that even at low tide the water was too high to see any pools of water where the sea creatures live.
Just some slime here. 
 Nothing here.
 Too far down to see anything here.
Just me here.
Here's one!!!
The only sea creature I saw the whole time we were at Point Loma. :(
I spent days telling Jensen how exciting tide pooling is, so now we need to go again so I can redeem myself and Jensen can see how fun it really is.

 We also went to an old lighthouse while we were at Point Loma where we had a great view of San Diego.


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