Old Town

One evening during our trip we went to Old Town San Diego to eat and look at the little shops.  The food we ate was delicious!  We even had some men sing and play the guitar for us at dinner. 
These stars were beautiful!  I wish I had an extra $100 so I could take one home with me. 

Gourd art! Aren't they cute?
Just a dog and his chicken.
 In the evenings near the coast the sea mist settles over land and everything gets covered in a dense fog.  It's a little creepy but also pretty cool.  We never get fog in Utah so it was neat to see.  Although, my hair did not like it at all.  Even though the air wasn't humid, all the fog and mist in the air make my hair poof and frizz. 


  1. WOw you captured this place beautifully! I am loving all the bright colors :)