La Jolla Cove

In the evening after Jensen and I went to La Jolla Beach Rick took us to La Jolla Cove, just in time to see the sunset.
When Suzanne and I were little my mom would take us to rent a movie every so often.  Almost every time we got to pick the movie ourselves Suz and I would get the movie Andre.  I'm not sure why we never just bought the movie since we wanted to watch it so often.  It's no surprise that, besides Disneyland, this was by far my favorite part of our trip.  I loooved seeing the seals so close. They're so cute!  I wanted to take a baby seal home and put it in my bathtub.  He would become my best friend, just like Andre.

He looks nice, but I was afraid to get too close just in case he decided to attack.  Those chubby seals can move faster than it seems.
Happy seal.
A seal butt! Did you know they have claws on their flippers? I had no idea!
The colors in the cove were amazing!
Soooo cute!



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