Nat's Wedding

One of my best friends Natania got married in the Manti Temple back in July.  It was a beautiful wedding and a beautiful day.  I'm so grateful I had the opportunity to see her get married.

Natania and Mckay
I love Nat's family! I went down to visit them in Flagstaff with Natania a few summers ago, and I get to see them almost every time they come up to Utah.  Even though I don't see them very often I still feel like her mom cares for me like a member of her family.
I met all of these girls my freshman year at BYU.  We all lived together our sophomore year, and most of us the year after and some summers in between.  (Except Brooke who got married the summer after our sophomore year).  One of our roommates Kiki couldn't be there because she moved back home to Texas last year after she graduated.
Brooke, me, Natania, Carron, Allison.


  1. She is absolutely gorgeous! I love weddings, fun pictures!!

  2. my life just got turned upside down. she was in one of my classes, and i later found out that her now husband was my cousins roommate. crazy things. hahaha