A Night at the Fair

Last week Jensen and I went to the Utah State Fair with Suz and Jordan.  Jensen and I went to this fair four years ago on our very first date.  It's crazy to me that we first met and started dating four years ago!
Head-butting goats
A fair bubble!
Huge cow! 
Tiny baby cow! She was only a week old.
The fair had a "side show" with strange animals and things like a two headed cat, Siamese turtle, and a six legged cow.  It was three dollars to go in and Jensen and I are too cheap so we didn't get to see any of the strange animals in person.  Suz and Jordan went inside and said it was almost worth $3, but there was a lot of dead animals in jars of formaldehyde
My first ever dippin dots. Totally worth the $4 for a tiny bowl of ice cream. Yum!
mmm...I love the fair


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