Hayden Lake

I was most looking forward to boating during our trip to Coeur d'Alene.  Two days while we were there we went to Hayden lake to boat and wake board.  Last year when we visited the weather wasn't warm enough so I didn't want to actually get in the lake water, but it was nice and hot while we were there this time.  And the lake water was nice and warm and smooth.  Jensen, Suz, and I even got a pretty big sun burn the first day we were out.  We put on tons of sun screen, but our white skin just couldn't handle all that sunshine.
At one end of the lake there's a sand bar next to a summer camp we like to stop at.  The camp leaders even came out with free ice cream to hand out to us one day.  It's hard to beat boating and free ice cream.
 Boating on day two we started out with a little sun burn.
Apparently this is what I look like when the sun is shining in my eyes and I forget my sunglasses. Also you can see I'm wearing a long sleeve shirt and have it buttoned all the way up to my neck to protect my already red skin

Jordan's awesome morning hair.
When I first got in the water to wake board it felt pretty cold, and I was super nervous since I have only been wake boarding once before and it was about 3 years ago.
Jensen fell out of the wake board boots when he crashed, and was having a little trouble putting them back on.
He got some big air!  This trip was his first time ever wake boarding, so I was really impressed with how fast he picked it up.
Jordan got some good air too.


  1. looks like such a fun time - fabulous pictures and i love your swim suits!