Going to the Sun Road

Jensen and I went through Glacier National Park on our drive from Coeur d'Alene to Cardston.  Even though going through the park made the drive there quite a bit longer, it was worth it because it was so pretty.  Jensen had been there quite a few times with his family, so he wanted to take me there.

The rocky area and the river reminded me so much of Kodiak.  And makes me want to go fishing! 
As pretty as the drive was, I was being a big grouch because the trip was taking so long and there was tons of road construction making it even longer.  I was complaining to Jensen and said the trip would only be worth it if I saw a moose or a bear.  I didn't see either of those, but I did see goats! And a baby goat!!!  I was able to get pretty close to them when I was taking the picture.


  1. Glacier National Park is my ALL TIME favorite place in this country. (That I have seen thus far). Despite the length added to your trip, I'm glad you were able to go!