Utah Lake

Jensen and I both recently got callings to serve with the Young Men and Young Women in our ward.  We are both really excited! We have already been to several activities and it's been great getting to know everyone.  These pictures are from a boating activity we had a few weeks ago.  Our boating trip was meant to be a weekend trip down at Yuba lake, but we were rained out.  We made it down to Yuba and got a few hours of boating in, but when we were setting up the tents for the night it rained sooo hard and the wind blew sooo hard.  At the end of the storm our tents, clothes, and bags were all soaked through and we were all freezing, so we came back up to Springville to spend the night in our warm beds.  To get more boating in we went to Utah lake for our weekday activity instead.