Disc Golf

Stu, Jensen's cousin, loves disc golf so we made sure to play a game while we were in New Mexico.  I've never played before and I was absolutely terrible, but I still had a lot of fun.  We went up to Sipapu Ski Resort to play on their course.  It was really pretty up there, and the trees were a nice change from the normal New Mexico landscape.
These two pictures are from the drive on the way back to Santa Fe from Sipapu.  There was a spot that overlooked the mountains and seemed to be trees going on forever so we stopped for some pictures.  Stu through a disc so we could watch it go down forever too.


  1. Looks so fun! I wish we could have come.

  2. That drive back from Taos and playing in Sipapu was so great, wasn't it? I'm so glad you guys came down!!