There's a place up Ocean Avenue

Our first big outing when I went to California was to go to Carmel beach.  It was so pretty!  I don't think I've ever seen the ocean that blue before in real life.  It was kind of chilly and really windy so I just ran out onto the beach for a quick picture before we started walking around town.
The town by the beach was really cute.  The old buildings almost made me feel like I was in a little town in Europe.  Dena was nice enough to buy us all yummy treats at Cottage of Sweets.  They had some old fashioned candy and a lot of candy bars from Europe.  Years ago a friend of my went to Europe for the summer and brought back Bueno Bars to share with me and they were so good!  I made sure to get one of those at this candy shop. 
I keep saying everything in Carmel was "so cute" or "so pretty" but it really was, just like this little ally way between a few of the buildings.  It led back to a Thomas Kinkade shop, and looked just like something you would find in his paintings.  Most of the shops in town looked whimsical like his paintings with all the flowers and ivy around them.
This shop had lots of fancy tea sets.  One day I want to have a real tea party with fancy hats and dresses, only we will drink hot chocolate instead of tea.
In 10th grade I loved listening to Yellow Card.  One of the main streets in Carmel is Ocean Avenue just like in the song!  That was pretty excited for me to see.


  1. carmel is GORGEOUS! i was there for the first time a few months ago
    (you can see pictures here
    and i loved it :)
    my husband grew up going there with his fam and something to do with us being spoiled newlyweds but his parents sent us down there when we came to visit for a night - it was spectacular :)
    excited to be your newest follower!