May Wrap Up

This is a little late, but here's some instagram pictures to wrap up the month of May.  In May Jensen and I went on a lot of bike rides, I went to visit my family in Idaho, and to visit Dena in California (more pics of my trip there to come!).  Jensen and I were also able to attend the temple ground breaking for the Provo City Center temple. (That's the picture of the top of the tabernacle with the hot air balloon).  It was a really neat experience.  I've never been to a temple ground breaking before, and it was amazing to witness something that will one day be written in Provo history books.  Another highlight of May was to see the solar eclipse!  The eclipse happened on the Sunday we were in Idaho visiting my uncle.  He had an old welding mask in his garage so we were able to see it without hurting our eyes.  The picture I have of it is just the solar flare from my phone, but it's still pretty cool! Also in May, Pigeon is as cute as ever and I saw a baby horse for the first time ever!  I've seen tons of baby cows before, but never a horse.  I drive past it every day on my way to work and it's just so cute. :)


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