San Francisco!

On Saturday during my trip to California Dena and I went to San Francisco!
 Our first stop in San Francisco was to get cream puffs.  We took the Bart into San Francisco and got off below the mall.  We stopped at a little place upstairs in the mall for our cream puffs.
I think my favorite thing to do in San Francisco is to ride the cable cars.  We got pretty lucky in line when we were waiting to ride down.  The line was really long, but the guy directing people onto the cable car asked if anyone wanted to stand up on the outside, so Dena and I volunteered and got to skip a big section of the line.  I also had the best view during our ride.  I was in the front corner during our ride, so I could see out the sides and the front down all the streets.  The buildings and apartments here are so neat!  Whenever we passed another cable car one of the men operating it would yell at everyone not to lean out or high five anyone on the other car.  Apparently someone has once been injured by giving a high five.   

 The first place we went to after our cable car ride was the Fisherman's Wharf.
We went to an antique arcade that had old games and quarter operated puppet shows.
Dena is really tough.
We also went to the wax museum and met a lot of famous people like Vincent Van Gogh, Steve Irwin, and Norman Rockwell.
Here's me and a wooden Giraffe.
We went into another fancy candy store in San Francisco, but didn't buy any candy this time.  We got our fill of over priced delicious chocolate while we were in Carmel.
I love looking at all the shops in tourist towns even though I rarely buy anything from them.  This store had a lot of tacky seashell boxes, but I did like the shell curtains they had hanging in their windows.

 I can't remember the name of the place where we ate lunch but it was so good! And they had animal shaped bread.  When we were standing in line I saw a loaf of bread that kind of looked like a turtle, but I thought it was just a coincidence.  Turns out it wasn't.  They have bears, lobsters, alligators, and turtles.

 Then we walked along Hyde Street Pier and saw lots of boats.

One of the last places we stopped at was Ghiridelli square.  They give out samples at the chocolate shops so Dena and I went to two different shops so we could get two samples.  We also shared a very expensive but very delicious cupcake.


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