17 Mile Drive

Before we left Carmel we stopped at the Tor house.  When Dena and I  were looking up ideas for what to do while I was in California I found a picture of it online so I wanted to stop by and see it.  It was built in the early 1900s buy a poet whose name I can't remember.  We didn't go inside or anything, but it was still neat to see from the outside.
The same day we went to Carmel, we also went on the 17 mile drive in Monteray.  The ocean was beautiful and blue, but it was so cold and windy Dena would just stop the car and I would hop out and take a picture really quick at the different stops on the drive. 
 During my visit we also went to an Egyptian Museum.  Did you know people in Egypt mummified cats? Pretty creepy! 


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