My sister-in-law Dena designed business cards for me! She's a great painter and illustrator. She makes me want to paint more often since I rarely do anymore. I went to a blogger meet up a few weeks ago and a ton of people there asked me for my card, but I didn't have any to give them. I went to another blogger event tonight, so before the event I made sure to have some cards to hand out. I love they way they turned out! (And they look even better printed!)


She's coming just for a few days with her family next week for an art show and award ceremony in Salt Lake for a painting of the Nauvoo temple that was accepted to this years show Make Known His Wonderful Works. I'm excited to see her and my cute nieces, and Andrew too :).


  1. I am so excited to see you guys next week!

  2. Hey! I'm loving the new header! And your pretty cards are beautiful. Your sister in law did a great job. Where did you have them print out? I clicked on her link and you can let her know that I think her painting is just stunning. I LOVE the colors.

    Okay, I also have another question. Where do you find out about blogging events? I've never been able to figure out how to find out about these things...