Aristocrats and Zombies Don't Mix

This week I started watching Dowton Abbey on Netflix and finished season 1 in three days. Jensen was in bed next to me while I was watching and said, "What are you watching? It's so boring. All they do is talk."

This week Jensen started watching Walking Dead and finished season 1 in three days. We're trying to find a show we both like and can watch together so I started watching with him. After 5 minutes of scary, bloody zombies I decided that show was not for me because 1) it's really gross and 2) I get nightmares way too easy.

We decided we should stick to AFV when we're watching Netflix together.


  1. Bahahaha! This makes SO much sense to me! My husband calls shows like Downton Abbey 'bonnet movies'. I finished both seasons in about five or six days... ahhhh. I can't believe we have to wait until 2013 to see the third! I ache.