It snowed! Pigeon was not a fan like Jensen and I are. When we opened the door for her to come out she ran out meowing her head off because she was so excited, but she stayed on the porch and under the bushes where there is no snow. Jensen picked her up and brought her out to the yard in the snow. As soon as he put her down she bolted back inside.
After church today we took some pictures in the snow then I made home made biscuits and sausage gravy for dinner. Yum!
Jensen and I learned an important lesson at church today. If we miss the announcements the week before, we need to ask someone what they were. We were a few minutes late last week so we missed the announcements. Today we showed up to church a few minutes before 11and thought it was a little weird no one else was walking in when we did. When we went inside we could already hear a talk that was going on across the speakers. Apparently today was stake conference and it started at 10. Oops. Over the summer a similar thing happened. Jensen and I were out of town for two Sundays in a row on a trip to California and then to Moab. The Sunday we got back we walked down to church (our ward met at 1pm at that time). When we got there the parking lot was completely empty, and I just thought maybe everyone had walked that week because the weather was so nice. Turns out stake conference was that week and we missed the whole thing. Hopefully we'll make in to the entire stake conference next time.


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