Matt Costa!

Suz and I went to see Matt Costa Saturday night. I was really excited, but it wasn't quite as good as I was hoping. They held the concert in the BYU ballroom so it was hard to see anything because the stage is tiny, not raised very hight, and the floor is flat. So unless you were really close to the front you couldn't see much. Even without being able to see the music was still good.

Here's my very favorite Matt Costa song!
We also got to witness this! This couple standing in front of us were super into each other and holding each other during the concert. During one of the songs he bends down on one knee and the girl looks ecstatic! He looks up at her, looks back down and proceeds to tie his shoe. The concert continues, the girl is pretty irritated and they are no longer holding each other. He then bends down again for the second fake proposal of the night. The girl was not amused.


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