Playing Tourist

While in Cardston we took a trip to the Card house, the first house built in Cardston. I was pleasantly surprised by the neat little house. After a few failed attempts we also went on a carriage ride! This is something on my bucket list so I was really excited to go!
I hope you like my one squinty eye in the above picture :)


  1. Hey vivian! Cute blog! To answer your question: I only use the poly-fil stuff from joann or wal-mart. I haven't really branched out and used other stuff, so I guess I don't really know! I do notice a difference based on how I stuff the toy or whatever I am stuffing though. If I shove the stuffing in in clumps, it tends to be lumpy. I get better results when I break up the stuffing a lot into little tiny clumps. The clumps stay together when you put it in your toy. I don't know if that will help with the itchy stuff though!