Game Night, Girls Night, and Off- Roading!

For game night we played a game with questions about Morley that we had to guess what his answer would be to get to know him better. We also played a game where everyone had to guess if different facts were about Brynley, Desiree, or me. That was pretty entertaining, especially because our husbands were the ones to pick the facts that were shared about us.
One day we were there we all took our trucks and went off-roading and stopped for a nice picnic.
Nissan ad?While the boys went gopher hunting the girls stayed back for some crafting. We decorated picture frames for the family photos we took while we were there. Kayla and Alyssa even joined in and decorated some foam hearts. When the boys came back we had them guess who made which picture frames. I was surprised how well they knew who made what just by how we placed our stickers.


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